Why we love Africa


A journey that revealed more than a destination


With decades of experience within the travel industry and visits to over a hundred countries around the world, we are often asked: What is your favorite place to go?

Travel in our family is not only a passion but also our profession. Over the last thirty years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of travelers reach memorable destinations and experience the wonders of new place. Experience has shown that selecting “a winner” among destinations is impossible. One can’t compare the feelings associated with countries, cities, people, histories, experiences and what they all mean to an individual.


Nevertheless, we realized that one destination, more than any other, kept us going back for more. There IS one place, we return to year after year. A place which dazzled and impressed us, fulfilled our sense of adventure, connected us with nature, and inspired us more than any other place. This is AFRICA.

There is no single aspect that makes Africa so special, rather a blend of sights, feelings and encounters that does the magic here. The graceful move of the lions, the majestic run of cape buffaloes, the smell of the earth, the rise of the sun on an early safari, the smile of the children.... all of which alone and in combination are unequivocally unique to Africa.


A visit to Africa if done the right way is rich, deep, captivating, rewarding. Truly an experience of a lifetime.

We'd like to share these powerful experiences and show you the Africa we love. Join one of our tours and we guarantee that your heart will be inspired too.

Agnes, Dora & Andras

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